Our Mission

Forestchat is a free messaging app that uses the revenu generated to protect the existing forests and plant news.

We accelerate the rate of reforestation worldwide. Forestchat is here to tip the scales in the ecological crisis.

25% of the world’s population depends on forest resources. By planting trees, you can fight climate change, restore landscapes, protect wildlife, and provide nutrition, employment, and education to populations while promoting political and economic stability.


We started Forestchat with the goal of offsetting carbon emissions enough to have a significant and measurable impact on climate change within the next decade.


We want everyone to have a way of personally contributing to a large-scale environmental solution through an organization they can trust.


We are committed to partnering with local groups, agencies, scientists, and individuals of all types to share knowledge and resources for best reforestation solutions.


Company grower- Cofounder

Hi I’m Nathan, you can call me Nath. I come from Paris and I love nature and technology, thats why I wanted I wanted to create ForestChat. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss, peace ✌


Software Magician – Cofounder

Tomorrow’s technologies must necessarily take into account today’s environmental and ethical constraints.” – Me 😁